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Hugo Cameron, NZ Junior Freeride Team member

Name: Hugo Cameron

Age: 17

Home mountain: Mt Ruapehu

Earliest ski memory: Being wet and cold in Happy Valley.

Favourite place to shred: Anywhere with a bit of snow and some fun terrain.

Favourite place you skied with the NZ Junior Freeride team: Verbier. Or Chamonix. Honestly, everywhere we went was stunning.

How do you train for freeriding off the snow: Gym work, some hikes, getting hyped watching ski films.

Do you have a pre-run ritual: Crank boots, chill out, forget to turn GoPro on.

Piece of advice for up and coming juniors: Send hard, but not too hard; always check you’re having fun.

Who is your idol or hero: All the riders on the Freeride World Tour (especially the kiwis).

Favourite food: I have to choose one food? I guess steak and cheese pies (but all food is good food).

Pets: A dog and a turtle.

Fun fact/something people mightn’t know about you: I can play the clarinet.

Favourite things to do on a down day: Go for a skate, jam shredsauce or explore the outdoors.

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