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Matt Sweet, NZ Junior Freeride Team member

Matt Sweet

Age: 18

Home mountain: Treble Cone

Sponsors: Faction Skis, AJ Hackett

Who is your idol or hero: I grew up watching ski movies like High Society so guys like Shane McConkey and Seth Morrison were massive heroes of mine. At the moment, I’m really inspired by Kristofer Turdell, he charges hard, goes big and can somehow ride out of anything.

Earliest ski memory: Crying in the Cardrona kindergarten because my parents were going skiing without me.

Favourite place to shred: Mt Olympus

Favourite place you skied with the NZ Junior Freeride team: Verbier, Switzerland – the size and gnarliness of the terrain blew my mind.

How do you train for freeriding off the snow: I try to do as many outdoor activities as possible, mountain biking is great for fitness and skateboarding helps out a bunch in the balance department.

Do you have a pre-run ritual: Not so much a ritual, I more try to get in that perfect zone between being too aggressive and too mellow. It’s a really fine line for me that I’m still trying to get right.

Favourite things to do on a down day: If I’m overseas definitely exploring the local culture and meeting new people

Favourite food: Can never go wrong with a good curry

Pets: Jack the Labrador, he’s a mad frother

Fun fact about you: I’m currently in search of a metal band to join

Piece of advice for up and coming juniors: Just go shredding with your mates and have as much fun as you possibly can, the progression will come naturally after that.

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