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How do I enter?
1) Registration via Freeride World Tour website, Liveheats
2) You must become a freeride world tour member and fill out the waiver's.
  • One event license or season license from FWT is needed to compete in over 10 age categories.
  • Registration for all age catergories under 14 and above are via Freeride World Tour on the link above.
Under 10 registration is via New Zealand Junior Freeride Tour.
How much?
Each event will cost NZ$ 90.00/ EU 50
  • This does not include FWT license fee or processing fee needed for all age categories above under 10's.
  • This does not include a lift pass although we have negotiated reduced rates for athletes)
What age category am I in?
Age category is determined by what age you are on the competition day.
Anyone aged under 14 years before the competition day, will be in the under 14 category
Anyone aged 14 - 16 on the competition day will be in the 14 - 16 category.
Any male skier aged 16 - 18 on the competition day will be in the u 18 category.
If you turn 18 during the tour but are 18 on competition day you're ok!
There is no minimum age but competitors can not go up an age category unless there are small numbers and categories need to be mixed. 
There has been a huge increase for the under 10 categories in the past few years and we are more than stoked to coordinate this.
Mandatory Equipment:

14 - 17 Catergory:

Helmet, Back Protection, Backpack, Avalanche Transceiver, Shovel and

Probe are mandatory.

Equipment will be checked on comp day and if any piece is missing no


Mouth guard and ABS are not mandatory but highly recommended

Under 14 Catergory:

Helmet, Backpack, Avalanche Transceiver, Shovel, Probe, Back Protection all compulsory.

Mouth guard and ABS are not mandatory but highly recommended

Under 10 Catergory:

Helmet and backpack compulsory.

Mt Olympus potential for all athletes to need avalanche equipment so bring in case.

Invitations to JFT World Championships in Andorra:

The athletes who are awarded the world championship invitations must be;

Minimum of 14 years old on 12th May

Note: Invitations will be awarded to the riders who show maturity, professionalism and skills needed to represent our nation on the world stage. These invitations will be awarded at NZJFT’s discretion.

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