2021 Freeride World Qualifers NZ

With such a crazy 2020 & now 2021 unfolding the decisions came very late to salvage what we could during the restrictions being lifted after the Covid break out in NZ.

Unfortunately the Mount Olympus Freeride Open will take a second year of hiatus as we wanted to concentrate on bringing the best opportunities for our NZ athletes.

With communications to all resorts the best choice was to concentrate on as high a level competition as possible. 

So with great pleasure this year NZ will have the The North Face Frontier returning with a 2* & a 4* FWQ event.

These events will be held through a weather window of Sunday 29th August to 2 September, the 2* will run first and some podium places will be automatically qualify for the 4* the next fine weather day.

NZ are extremely lucky to be hosting a 4* FWQ in NZ with our 'closed' borders. Our Australian cousins will be joining us but this is a huge opportunity for kiwis to attack the upcoming 2021 Freeride Qualifier tour.

Registration will be via FWT website and more information will come.